Comment & Win: 1500 Free Business Cards Giveaway

01 August 2009

Folks at  Bizcard Business Cards are giving away 1500 free business cards to 3 readers (that is, 500 business cards to each readers) of dezign Musings. The winners can upload their own artwork or select one of the many designs they offer.


About Bizcard Business Cards

Bizcard Business Cards is an online printing company. It helps individuals and small business create a strong brand identity using business cards, postcards or similar products. Users can select designs from hundreds of templates or upload their own artwork. From its inception the company has decided to differentiate itself by providing a higher quality of print products, implementing several eco-friendly practices such as eliminating the usage of harming photo processing chemicals, and continuously improving itself based on customers' feedback. Bizcard also plants a tree for every order they receive.

How To Win?

To win is very simple, just leave a comment telling us, what is your favorite design style, what kind of design do you like.

Make sure to leave your Twitter ID (url/address) in the comment, because that is how winners will be contacted.

Additional bonus points if you tweet about this giveaway, for e.g. - "Comment and Win: 1500 Free Business Cards Giveaway - @dezignMusings" just make sure to add @dezignMusings to your tweet, so that I know.

Till When?
  • On 15th August Saturday, Contest will be closed and winners will be announced on 16th August Sunday.
  • 3 Winners (500 cards / each winner) will be chosen randomly on a random generator.

Please Note:
The giveaway includes free shipping to the USA and Canada. For other countries, shipping must be paid by the winner.

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Andy M. said...

Hey! Perfect timing! I just ran out of my last batch of business cards last week. My favorite style of design is minimalism. It's simple, clean & to the point. What more could you ask for? twitter = @andymcclung
(randomly select me)

dezign Musings said...

You've cent percent chance atm, thanks for playing Andy! :)

Nora said...

I just tried to sign up for Twitter so I could enter this, but the signup page won't load...perhaps it's related to the denial-of-service attack on Twitter? If I can enter by just giving you my email address, here it is: eneletcATgmailDOTcom. For the record, I love thoughtful design — design that isn't just pretty, but has a strong concept and is relevant to the company/product/etc it's connected to. Makes the design much more memorable, and thus powerful!

dezign Musings said...

Sure, no problem Nora.
I avoided emails cause people might be reluctant to give it.

Nice thoughts on designs.

Thanks for playing. :)

Ailime said...

and da id is ailime :D and this contest is flippin' cool :D

and it's funky how when I copy the paste thing is absolutely not working here... protectionning ?

dezign Musings said...

Yep, I noticed, can't copy/paste the text, nothing to do with protectioning, maybe some Blogspot's funky way, I guess!

And, flipping cool to see you outta here, Ailime! :D

Jaime said...


This is so cool x]

Anonymous said...

Love this idea.
I like the simple - to-the-point - but yet elegant. Got that???

Sometimes artists (like me) have a hard time making up their own minds...nice to have someone do it for them!


dezign Musings said...

@Jaime and @Deb, thanks for playing guys.

Anonymous said...

I like pop art desighns

dezign Musings said...

@Anonymous: The contest is over.

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