Testing and Trying Disqus Commenting System (Edit)

30 July 2009

Well, I am testing the Disqus Commenting System for my blog, if everything works fine, I will be using it henceforth. Blogger's default commenting system is something that I don't really like much and I really wish they change and improvise it!

There are some other third party commenting systems like, Intense Debate and JS-Kit, but I finally chose Disqus. I think it is cool, the only disadvantage with Disqus that I found is: if you remove it or decide not to use it all the comments (given to you whilst using this system) also disappears, I hope Disqus finds out some workaround for that too.

Anyways, let's see how it works!


As you might notice, I have removed Disqus after using it for couple of days. Although, it is far more better than Blogger's commenting system, it has a limitation as I have mentioned above, that is your comments would disappear if you decide not to use it.

Secondly, couple of days that I used it, there was a problem with Disqus's server (tweet), it was down for half an hour and not only the comment box but all the comments disappeared, so I just thought, what if there server had a major problem? I just feel, it is not a good idea to use it with Blogger/blogspot blogs because the comments are not sync and saved locally like they have with Wordpress. I just think, it is not a good idea, to have somebody else have control over your blog's comment. I just hope, Blogger improves it's default commenting system!


Andy M. said...

I like using Disqus on non-blogging based websites. I am doing a wedding website now for a friend and let people post remarks that way. However (like you) I just stick with my platforms (WP) default setup for commenting.

dezign Musings said...

I think, WP's default commenting sysytem is great and there is no much need of installing third party app except if you need too many fatures including updates from social medias.

Blogger/Blogspot's commenting system is no that good, Google really should improvise on that. Instead of all so many options they should stick to 3 main fields and maybe have the gravatars enabled or maybe make it more better.

Unlike WP Disqus ain't synced locally with Blogger/blogspot blogs which is a limitation. Though many bloggers from both platforms and others have switched to Disqus maybe because it offers quite lot of features.

poker training said...

I think disqus is an excellent way to go...Wordpress kills me with the commenting system that they are using, I just love the simplicity and look of Disqus!

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