12 Cool New Sites Just for Icons

03 June 2009

Icons, which designer doesn't love them?!! Well, I am a self-proclaimed icon fan and with this post I will like to share with readers some great sites where you can find some cool icons all at one place plus some other icon search engine sites where you can search for the icons that suits your projects. Also there are some great sites, whereby you can convert the icons from one format to another depending on your OS etc. Feel free to share with me, if you know of some such websites!

We Love Icons
 In there own words, We love icons sole purpose is to provide you with one place to go to find links to the best freeware icons on earth.
It is a new gallery for icon resources where you can find cool, all new and high quality icons all for free.


Ever wanted to convert a icon which is compatible with your OS? iConvert converts and creates Windows, Mac and Linux icons in one step! 

Iconerz is again another site where you can browse and download the new icon packs for free. Icons are separated according to categories to make browsing easier.

As the name says, here you can search the icons almost around 58,757 of them with the keywords or browse 100 icon sets.

Iconlet is simple search engine for free icons, images. Just type name in search window and you will get a list of  available icons, images which you can use in your project. 

Icon Generator is a little application that lets you generate a CS3 or Web 2.0 style icon, only 3 step. Pick color, type characters, and save it. Just create 4 different sizes of the icon.

This is yet another simple online tool that will allow you to transform any image you have on your computer in a icon.

ConvertICO  is a Free Online Converter - fast and easy to use which allows you to convert PNG to ICO and ICO to PNG format files.

One more site to search for icons, you can also browse by Tag Cloud, Random and Popular icons.

The Icons-Search is an Icon Search Engine that helps you to find quality icons available on the Internet. You can find icons for Windows Vista and XP, Macintosh, Linux, icons for Desktop, Software, Website, Mobile, Presentation, in sizes from 16x16 to 256x256 in PNG format and sizes from 16x16 to 128x128 in ICO format.

Iconza  is a site where you can find collection of free icons that can be custom colored and reduced in size to your taste. You will be able to pick icons that will fit right into your design. 

And finally, Shareicons
The Share Icon is becoming the de facto standard visual representation for sharing content from any source to multiple destinations: over email, to bookmark or memetracker sites, to your friends on social networks, and more every day.
The Share Icon is free to use! This package contains pixel based graphics in many sizes and vector graphics in .ai, .svg, and .eps formats.

If you found this post useful, feel free to share!


aliaskajan said...

thank you

Lil' Peekr said...

Awesome post, thanks! Oh, and I think I love you :-)

vivi said...

hi, you forget www.everaldo.com

proficient said...

Wow..They are excellent..working fine too..

Bethan Evans said...

thank you so much! it's always great to know where to find good icons for free!

Elemental Web and mobile development said...

Thanks alot! Icons really make such a big difference to a website as well as easier navigation and overall look and feel. Depending how you use them!


Shiva Bandaru said...

Thanks a lot! good collection.

Oridusartic said...

Nice collection I like We Love Icons the most. :)
Thanks for sharing.

365icon said...

You forgot 365icon.com =)

koji@ ebook cover software said...

thanks for your collections! nice share!

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Anonymous said...

I can add iconspedia.com to this list.

Thanks for your post!

Jon said...

Whoa!!! you didnt put 365icon.com in there?! ;) This is a great source for unique icons... http://365icon.com

jiro brasen said...

Thank you for sharing the post. I like it! Las Vegas Web Design

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