Drawing Inspiration from Minimalism in Photography - Appealing and Engaging

22 May 2009

If we see Wikipedia's definition, "Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features." What I like about minimalism is, it is art of less, it is about expressing what we want to with few essential elements. I also feel minimalism doesn't need to be plain or boring, with the use of few elements we can make it elegant and classy at the same time. Sometimes, it worries me to see especially when it comes to graphic and web design there is a tendency to clutter up the things, too many unnecessary bling-blings or too heavy graphic oriented designs which sometimes mars any beauty that a particular design might have. Anyways, with this post I am not featuring websites with minimal themes, we will keep it for some other time, besides it is the subject which has been talked about often on so many blogs on internet.

Instead, I chose to feature, some of the Photographs centered around minimalism. Like I have told earlier in my posts, I am extremely fond of Photography and when it comes to inspiration in designing and arts we can derive inspiration from some similar and unrelated fields, photographs being one of them. From this photographs one can get the inspiration for colors, contrast, perspective, shadows and highlights, and most importantly with minimalism in photographs we can see how much of the white space is important, it actually accentuates the subject and brings out it's beauty without taxing your attention span!

Though, I am aware that everybody can have a different definition about minimalism especially when it comes to Photography, but here I am trying to feature some of the images, (around 30 of them) which I feel have not only the minimal theme but are beautiful, appealing and engaging the eyes.






Hope you enjoyed the selection and found something that you liked. Next, I have plans for some more design related, articles, tutorial/tips, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Love the photos. I am a fan of less is more. I felt something in viewing each photo. So often the simplest "things" invoke the most profound feelings.

dezign Musings said...


Glad you enjoyed it! :)

bigbracket said...

Great blog and awesome stuffs :)

dezign Musings said...

Thank You! :)

om ipit said...

i think, minimalistic design have great meaning

dezign Musings said...

True, that is! :)

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