Photoshop Quick-Tip: Use the Togglebar to Access the Palettes & Toolbox Temporarily

11 May 2009

I am sure you might already know about how to do away with Palettes, Toolbox and Option Bar, by pressing the Tab Key (for more checkout Tip #10 of my article on 15 Photoshop Tips (I Bet) You Don't Know).

What I want to share with you is, after you hit the Tab Key, you can temporarily access the Palettes by just hovering your mouse arrow on the right edge, as shown with red arrow on the image below. You will see a grey colored Toggle Bar appearing when you hover your mouse arrow on edge. Similarly, you can have access to Toolbox when you hover the mouse on left edge. Just try it and you will know what I mean! :) And, the same is true for Illustrator as well.


akumalatenshi said...

cool... I never knew it b4, thanks

dezign Musings said...

Oh glad!

bezopratikto said...


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