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01 April 2009

Just had to write this post as I am so excited to find my  lil blog being listed as 30 Fresh and Promising Blogs To Follow by Six Revisions. It is such a honor to be listed by such a fantastic weblog which I have been reading for a long time and going back for more. It is a thrill to be listed along with other blogs some of them are already a huge name. Quite thankful to Jacob Gube for putting this together.

This recognition was particularly important to me because somewhere down the line I often ask myself if I am investing my time productively or am I on the right track with my blog cause of late there are so many design blogs and so much of brilliant information scattered all around.  I am sure those who writes blog might have gone through the similar questions one or the other times, cause knowing about certain things is one thing and writing and expressing about it  is a bit different (though related) thing. It is only the passion (-passion to explore, learn and share) for design and arts which is a driving force.

I have a vision where I want to take my blog towards,  so I hope to fulfill that. Basically, I want my blog to retain a playful nature, have a surprising factor, so that it doesn't become monotonous and  remain informative at the same time (along with making mistakes, breaking rules and having fun of course).  To share with my readers something that I discovered, something that I learned and at the same time learning from them as well!  To me the best part of designing is: I am enjoying what I am doing, so everything is totally a exciting experience!

Ah, when I am talking about my glories (haha), last month, a Photoshop tutorial that I wrote for a other site was one of the  50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials suggested by mighty Smashing Magazine.

Also, was listed on a website CSSWOW . Apart from that many people keeps giving me the compliments for my blog especially, the header graphic and the overall looks, feels good! Though, personally I want to fix many of the things on my blog from design point of view but certain things are a bit difficult being on the Blogger platform, but those are the things about to change. it is just the matter of time. 

One of the best part of being on internet is you can shout on the roof top about your small or big achievements without blushing or worrying if anybody is laughing at you so Yo! maybe time permitting,  I might make a whole list of my blog or any of it's post being linked elsewhere, as a way to say thanks! :)

*Image Credits and  Special Thanks: Happy Day


Anonymous said...

hey congrats to you my dear!!!!! you such a great persona i have met!! keep it up ...realy u do great works ya:)

again keep doing exciting and creative work!! u rock

Desizntech said...

Congrats. I like your design

dezign Musings said...

Thanks Arti!

Thanks Desizntech! :)

Mercydesign said...

Congrats. I love your blog, it's casual, relaxed, and shares some great information. Keep up the good work, you've earned this!

dezign Musings said...

Thank You, that's very nice of you. Your comment made my day! :)

dezign Musings said...


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