March Mix: Ten Things from My Bookmarks

31 March 2009

I thought, it would be great to share a list of my favorite article, resources, tutorial, design tools that I have discovered this month  while browsing, searching or from Twitter and some other from my good ole bookmarks or my RSS Reader. To break the monotony we will not categorize them (so that there is something for everyone) and will follow a order as and how I write them. So in no particular order, lets see what comes out from my bookmarks and what are the things that has fancied me as a designer! Actually, there were more than ten, but we will restrict this list to 10 so as not to get overdosed!

1. Pixels in Vectors
"Pixel perfection in Illustrator isn't (completely) unattainable" I really liked this innovative approach. If experimented further-on one can come up with awesome results using this technique.


2. Free Custom RSS Icons: ‘Music’
You love free stuffs, right? And you want more of them!! This are some awesome RSS icons, the unique and music themed to make you rock n roll!

found via Gefle Design

3. Compfight
We all need images for our projects, finding a right image is always a challenge. Compufight is a easiest and smart way to find images on Flickr, try it and you will be impressed!

4. Chopin Script
Free fonts are always welcome and if it is a script font, I drool, do you?!!

5. Color Scheme Designer
I think the name says it all! A nice nifty tool to ease your workflow.

6. Styleneat
One more tool, if you're a bit messier like me with CSS, here is a nifty and neat tool which organizes and standardizes your CSS, definitely handy!

found via @smashingmag

7.Photo Strip (Photoshop Tutorial)
Probably you have seen/read this tutorial, probably not, but this was one such tutorial on my bookmarks, as a to-do list: to experiment and explore. I love the results and the technique.

8.Create a Milk Bottle with a Funny Cow Label
Now, while I am talking about Photoshop tutorial, can I leave my favorite Illustrator behind? No way! I totally liked the technique and the end results in this one, especially, the milk bottle. And talking about milk, to share a lil secret, I don't like milk....nooo!!

9. Weekly Vector Inspiration
Weekly Vector inspiration article feature by Vectips is something not to be missed. They bring you some best gems from around the web!


10. Design-Newz
And, finally, to wound it up, a relatively new site but quickly becoming popular-a site from which you can keep yourself updated of all latest design related news, check it out to know what I mean!

Oh and of course, while I am at it, please do check all my articles over at Vectortuts+:
That's about it for this month, maybe if my readers like it, I might do this style of list articles (but of course, not a very big list, that kind of becomes a overdose, I guess) at the end of every month, so feel free to give the feedback.


Brad C said...

Thanks for sharing what you found, it's good to see a list of things that are off the beaten path.

dezignMusings said...

Brad, pleasures, I am glad! :)

Enjoyed reading some of the comics on your website, will have to come back & read some more!

pica-ae said...

uh, "Pixels in Vectors" looks very interesting
i only recently had to use a pattern to create shadows in illustrator due to color restrictions.
patterns are a really awesome but underestimated tool in illustrator, i guess. people should use them way more often

dezign Musings said...

Hiya,:) Patterns to create shadows?.... that sounds interesting! Yup, I like pattern swatches in Illustrator, the best part of Illustrator is everything is completely editable, kinda gives a lot of freedom!

pica-ae said...

ah well you know like halftone pictures for printing, if you get close you can always see the raster points

dezign Musings said...

Ohhh I think, now I get you. Have tried the halftone vector effects but have not tried the technique you mentioned, if you ever get the opportunity would be great if you show me what you're meaning to say.

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