15 Neat Print and Use Freebies

07 April 2009

In this post, I will share with you links of some of the nice printable freebies available in PDF format (will need Adobe Reader) which one can download and use.Some of this templates are easy to customize or write your own notes.I think, this can also get you inspired to create your own! Most of all are free for personal use, make sue to read the terms of use respectively.

1. Cute Animal Stickers
This are some very cute and well-illustrated animal stickers.Available for download as pdf, print on a self-adhesive A4 sheet, cut and you have stickers to decorate your home, office, car etc.

2. Party Invitations And Place Cards
Full-colored, customizable templates for party invitations and place cards, available in pink and orange colors.

3. Free 2009 Calender
A beautiful 2009 calender. You need to sign up to download this particular freebie.

4. Printable Mini File Folder
A pdf template of a mini file folder, which you can print and trim and use. How creative!

5. Halloween Card
A Halloween card, in high res. pdf to print  for yourself, or maybe to give to give to you friends.

6. BookPlates
This are some cute bookplates.

7. Four Seasons Gift Tag Template
Free downloadable gift tag template for you to print, trim, and dress up your parcels.

8. Memo Sheet
This is a ready to use image template, print it out and cut around the outer line, available with a matching envelop as well!

9. To-do list
Make notes to self or some planning with this lovely To-do list print freebie.

10. List Pad and Tags
Very beautiful and cue list pad and tags.

11. Snow White Coloring Pages
Some very cool Snow White illustrations which are available for download to print and use it as coloring pages.

12. Free Printable 2009 Desk Calendar
The calendar pages that you can  print, cut on the guidelines  and use. You can also use decorative paper (wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, anything you like) to mat the pages and pin them on a board.

13. Coffee Memo Sheet
Another printable stuff, available in image format, print it out and then cut around the outer line.Find the matching envelop as well.

14. Free To-do list and Labels
Another set of cute to-do list and labels.

15. Self-Mailing Notecard
A free downloadable self-mailing notecard that you can easily print out on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

Hope, you enjoyed the post, feel free to share with us if you know about more such freebies!


pica-ae said...

oh, they are all adorable
wonderful collection :)

dezign Musings said...

Absolutely, Anne! :)

Desizntech said...

Thanks nice freebies

Tracy King said...

These are all so amazing, wow!!! Wish I had your talent :) Thank you so much for sharing.

Bybe said...

Really nice freebies guys, thanks for sharing the love.

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