Fashion & Glamour Photography: Beautiful Black and White

23 March 2009

Like I have mentioned in a earlier post that, I will do some inspirational features from time to time, so yesterday was nice sunny Sunday and I watched some movies revolving around fashion and Glamour industry, so thats what the theme of my today's featured showcase is, plus I thought my blog needs a lil touch of glamour, it's been a lil quite and boring here, ain't it?...sorry for being so neglectful, will try to be a good host henceforth! :) I will also take this opportunity to welcome all the new readers.

I am a huge fan of photography and browsing around deviantart site I found some beautiful fashion photographs, black & white and monochrome photographs has its own beauty and here I want to showcase some that caught my attention! Please click on the respective images to see them in full glory and appreciate the piece, the model and the photographer.

and a bit different...

Finally, to conclude recently, I read a quote in a newpaper by a actor turned politician, he said, "Glamour has limited power whereas power has unlimited glamour" so, what do you think? is it true? or is it other way round?!! ;)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the feature and stay tune for more!


Anonymous said...

wow those are beauftiful

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