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14 March 2009

So few day back, (okay maybe a month) I asked people who follow me on Twitter  a question:

I just thought I should make a blog post out of all the replies that I got. It is so cool to know, what is it about our passion to art and design that we like most and given the fact that you have to reply within 140 words limit, all the relies were awesome!   I wanted to post this earlier, but somehow got delayed, it also has to do with me being a die hard procrastinator! So, here you go...

By @Fitzillo  (www)

 The initial sketching part I like the best... something about raw pencil drawings.

By @JeremyOLED  (www)

The realization of my thoughts. Creation... essentially, feeling like a god :P

By @moritzangermann  (www)

 I like the experience.

By @loopix 

What I like the most is that it adjusts to your mood, so it's like an outlet to what your feeling at the moment. Expression! 

By @Mercydesign

I love the playing, sitting and working with something until I have that AHA moment, when I know that it's perfect (or as close as I can get it) I've never found perfection, which is also part of the fun ;)

By @LoraineA  (www)

Art and design give me pause, cause to question, I often wonder about the artist, what they felt, how the piece makes me feel.

And, last but not the least my dear friend,
By @ginkgografix  (www)

Everything! the combination of colors, content and the way to spread a certain message!
And, finally, you might ask what about me? Well,  the best thing I like about designing is that I completely get immersed into what I am doing, something like a meditation-being in the moment and cherishing it! I like the process, the journey from visualization to seeing something on the artboard which before that was just a thought!

So what is it about YOU? What do you like most about designing, art or creativity? I know now my lil blog has enough feed readers, so please don't be strangers,  I would love to hear what you have to say!! :) And, of course thanks to all the twitterers who participated, hope to hear more from you.

And, now finally, some Twitter fun! I found this hilarious image while browsing! Totally made me change the Twitter icon that I was using which said, Follow me on Twitter! mwhahaaa!!


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