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27 July 2008

So, this is after a long time that I am updating my blog, perhaps this is the first post after migrating from my previous wordpress blog (& have not still managed to import comments from that blog :( ), yes & that is the cause of dilemma!! I had kind of stuck between whether to use wordpress or blogger & of course I mean the free ones.

Both of them have there own merits & demerits, like the main demerit from my point of view for wordpress is that you can't edit the CSS, that means you have to use selected few themes available & thats it, I like to experiment with blog skins & I like to change it till I find its most suitable to my likes & dislikes!! Secondly, you don't have access to adsense on wordpress, not that I want to install adsense on my blog, but you like to be given a option, right?!!

Now demerits of blogger's is..... you don't have a integrated Blog Stats feature, you have to rely on third party stuffs, comments are not embedded, importing/exporting a blog  plus a few more stuffs like you have   no post break feature (though for which I can easily edit the CSS) BUT, from what I read at the Blogger Buzz, the above mentioned demerits are going to be fixed, also they are gonna integrate stats with google analytics, so I think, that should be cool & makes me stick to here!! :D
Though, I think, if I upgrade, I may probably switch to wordpress-perhaps!!

Anyways, I am on look out for a customizable blog template, would like to change the header graphics & stuffs but probably will postpone it till the beta becomes final!!


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