Reader's Question: How to get the sharp line in Gradient (Illustrator Tip)

29 June 2010

Well, some of the readers asked me how I got that sharp line on the gradient in my Easily Create Sticker Text and Graphic Effect in Illustrator Tutorial.

The tip for that is very simple, as you can see in the image below, in the Gradient Panel, drag a slider exactly above the other in middle to get that fine sharp line (or like web 2 style ). Just to show you, in the image below, they are a bit apart, but place the slider exactly above the other.

It doesn't matter what color you choose, you can even do it, with just 2 colors, as shown in the image below.

Hope this helps! :)

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RED! said...

Dude, it took me FOREVER to figure this out, woulda been so much easier if I read this tutorial!!

ychty said...

simple and useful! Thx!

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