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23 September 2009

This article presents a collection of free fonts arranged alphabetically. Well, I had this idea to showcase some cool free fonts but, just one font for each letter in alphabets. So I searched through my font's folder and bookmarks to feature 26 free fonts I hope, the title is not misleading. ;)

There were many awesome free fonts for many letters and it was a challenge to feature just one, but for some letters like, "H", "I", "O" there were few choices and surprisingly, for letter "X" there was no free font that was very appealing, or maybe I needed to browse more.

Anyways, below you will find 26 free fonts. I tried to put together a list of some known, some unknown, some professional, some fancy, some serif, some san serif, some script... in short a collection of mixed fonts, so that there is something for everyone and everybody finds something new.

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The name of the font is on the image itself. Click on the image to view the original source.






















Is there no proper free font that starts with letter, "X"?!!



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Claudia said...

Wow! Amazing fonts :)

Anonymous said...

Download thousands of free fonts at http://www.webtoolhub.com/tn561379-fonts-collection.aspx

Sonali said...

@Claudia: Cheers! :)

@Anonymous: Thanks for the link.

Erlo Barbosa said...

Muito boa seleção.

Sonali said...

@Erlo Barbosa: Well, I don't understand Portuguese, but I think you mean, "Very good selection."

Thanks and cheers! :)

ALB3RT1 said...

I love your blog!
Now I add to my bookmark :) keep posting I would reading a lot.

Sonali said...

Thanks ALB3RT1! :)

Very welcome, also feel free to Subscribe to RSS feeds.

Cizal said...

I love the chunkfive font! It's amazing! Couldn't believe it was a free font!

Sonali said...

Oh yeah, it's a great font!

Kellie said...

Great list! Thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

What good is it to use any font except the standard ones. When you do an email in a fancy font the recipient does not see the email in that font unless he or she also has the same font installed.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any idea how i can get font ITC Santangeli for free?

Anonymous said...

you missed my favourite 'mikachan' font :(

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