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20 April 2009

It usually happens that I am searching or re-searching for something, I end up finding something absolutely cool and informative. I don't know how, but I bumped into this wonderful site called Viget Labs few days back (possibly, some of you might be already knowing about it, so I am not talking about something entirely new, but just sharing what I discovered recently), which I found useful as it has so many informative articles. Oh and of course, the design of there website is a beauty!

Viget Labs has 4 series of Blogs, each blog has unique topics and design theme that are nicely wrapped together: 1. Advance (Strategy) 2. Inspire (Design) 3. Extend (Development) 4. Engage (Marketing).

Me being me, I was obviously eager to see what is on there Design Blog - Inspire and scrolling down I chose Tips and Tricks Section from there Categories (oh I know, I am greedy). I will just note down a gist of few articles I read, enjoyed and enriched my knowledge but of course there is lot more I need to catchup.

Typography Talk: Typography is the Foundation of Good Web Design
A article demonstrating the power of typography with three "pillars of web typography:" legibility, hierarchy, and expression.

The Geometry of Design
A book review, illustrating the process of utilizing geometry in design from sketch to final implementation. I loved this topic!

Mrch Is Shrtct Mnth: Learning Web Design Shortcuts
A printable calendar for March, which you can download and learn a new shortcut every day. Programs covered: Photoshop, OS X/Windows, Illustrator, Textmate, CSSedit, and the shell. I also liked the part written in "instructions".

Photoshop Type Time Savers
A quick tip video showing how to: 1) quickly convert between point type and paragraph type And  2) change fonts on multiple layers at the same time.

Breaking Bad Habits in Photoshop
I like this article address the bad habits or the lousy techniques and how we can fix it! Really worth a read! My bad habit which I need to fix is: "Not saving swatches and styles". (psst)

How To: Make The Viget Inspire Author Thumbnails
Whilst you are there you will notice, each of there writers/authors have user thumbnails or call it a avatar. And, if you are curious, how it is made, they have a article on that as well!

How To: Make the Viget Inspire Background
An overview of how they put the Viget Inspire background together.

Typography Tuesday: Hierarchy
Another fantastic article on typography!

So, as you will notice, there are just too many to list here, you will also like to check there CSS category as well! You may also want to check there other articles on CSS, Web Trends, Flash, Javascripts and more! Hey and there is one on Pimp Your Twitter Background if you're a twitter addict.

So, in short, just don't take my words as it is, go and check it out on your own and I am sure there is something for each one of us!


ipiet said...

always admire designer :)
fufufufufu because I can't do it

dezign Musings said...

I see a lot of designs on your blog, do you only code?

Cebong Ipiet said...

@sonali: No, sometimes I draw it self all image except I state it's not mine.
I draw girl on shoppaholic template, cupcake on cupcake template, splatz on black nero template. hehehehe but sometimes I pick it from another if I'm too lazy to draw :D On flowergarden template, flower image is taken from dapino, (u can check on credit footer) I just draw hill and cloud

dezign Musings said...

Ah, but you do good. The templates you named above are pretty well done! :) Keep it up!

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