Beautiful Illustrations by Karen Ingram

12 April 2009

Just saw this beautiful illustrations by Karen Ingram. I liked some of her illustration at first sight itself, so poetic, full of flow, soothing and natural, a appealing style!



Some enchanting Parakeet illustrations.


Personally, I am just enriched looking at this artwork, but if you want, Karen is running a Postcard Project where visitors can request available postcards, free of charge, quite generous and kind to give such a beautiful artwork for free.

Check Karen Ingram's Website to see more of there works.
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ipiet said...

hey visiting you hehe

i've answered your question on my blog

happy coding

Sonali said...

Hiya ipiet, thank you!
Totally! Should be a weekend fun! haha

ipiet said...

hohoho, it works, kyaaaa I love that baby blue color

OK, I'll check source code to make some space on post comment

Cebong Ipiet said...

try to add this code


adjust it's value

let me know if it works or not

Sonali said...

Thanks! Baby blue is a cool color! haha

Nope, that didn't work, i tried playing with values as well, but no change.

cebong ipiet said...

@sonali: what about this


ipiet said...

or this

h4 {
font: normal 130%/100% "Trebuchet MS", Tahoma, Arial;
color: #758d38;
margin: 10px 0px 5px;

edit margin to
margin: 40px 0px 5px;

hehhehe that's way I learn, trial and error error and error again hehehhe

Sonali said...

Hey, cool, the:


works! i thought, i tried it already!

Anyways, thanks again!

Web Design Quote said...

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Sonali said...

Hey, thanks a lot! :)

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