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23 January 2009

I have kind of jumped in and joined the bandwagon, yeah I recently made a new Twitter account. I had known about it since a long time now, but only made a account recently, to know what all it is about! I am still exploring it, I feel it is too noisy at least that is what my initial impression is! Anyways, if you're a Twitter user, you can add me, I will be posting some cool off site links, like good tutorials, freebies or just a nice piece of art or graphic design that I discover. It becomes easy to share such stuffs in a microblogging platform like that of Twitter. I will be also updating there about new posts that I write on other blogs as well!

Those who have blogs or websites with RSS feeds, might be knowing about Google taking over of Feedburner. So if you have not yet transferred your feed to Google, you should now. Personally, for me it was a smooth transfer. I also updated my RSS button links and stuffs as well!

Though, I heard some weird stories from other bloggers losing all there readers/feed count etc. haha!!

Other than that, I have been really slow on updating my blog, I get caught up in works and stuffs, but I hope to write some cool tutorials, tips soonish!

I have also added a new header to my blog, let me know what you think about it! Although, I am still looking for some cool theme for my blog which I can adapt and play around with its CSS, to make it more appealing and add some personal touch to it!


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