Illustrator Tutorials & Articles: Best of 2008

29 December 2008

Well, well, well I wrote a article for Vectordiary, Best Illustrator Tutorials & Articles of 2008 so please go and check it out, I am sure you will find something that you always wanted to know about Illustrator! :)


Loraine Alkire said...

I decided to follow you on twitter, and I've subscribe to your feed. I really like your writing and subject matter. I have a very new blog. I've been a for print writer and so I'm working very hard to get a following and a good network of like minded people to work and associate with on social networking sites.
I'd love to put you on my blog with a great big hyperlink for people to follow. Let me know.

The Muse said...

Oh Thats great, thanks!

Btw, how did you find me on Twitter? I don't think, I had announced it on my blog yet!

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