Distribute Objects & Center Them Evenly Relative To the Canvas

11 June 2007

Well, today I will be sharing with you a most often asked but a very simple & useful Photoshop tip....distributing the objects evenly & centering them evenly relative to the canvas in Photoshop!!


1.Make a rectangle with custom shape in a new layer

2.Duplicate it 4 more times - using move tool whilst pressing alt key, I placed them randomly on canvas

3. Select the first layer, hold down shift key to select other layers & link them with Chain Icon

4. Select first layer again to match others top edge with it, then, Go to Layer-Align-Top Edges (Can do same thing from Option Bar too) to have them on same level

5. Now, to have equal distance bet. each of them, Go to Layer-Distribute-Horizontal Centers

6.This is how my final results look along with History palette, to show the steps!!!

Also make sure, you have no selections by pressing Ctrl/Comm-D (or choosing Deselect from the Select menu). If you don't deselect first, Photoshop aligns to the selection instead of to the layers.


1. After following the steps mentioned above.

2. Merge all the layers OR the best, Put all the layers in one Group (or Set in PSCS) i.e (layer 1 to layer 5 in above example)

3. Press Ctrl/Comm-A to select the whole image

4. Goto Layer-Align to Selection-Horizontal Centers (Note that, when you have a selection, the Align Linked submenu changes to the Align to Selection submenu)

DO NOT deselect as yet...

5.Then again, Layer-Align to Selection-Vertical Centers

The steps 4 & 5 will align & distribute your shapes exactly in the middle of the Canvas!!!

And, there you're....your objects distributed, aligned & centered evenly to the canvas....& mind you your objects can be anything be it shapes, images, logos, buttons etc.! ! :D


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