Out of Bounds Photo Effect

19 January 2010

When I saw Out of Bounds effect on a photo for the first time, I was awestruck and impressed. I was new to Phootoshop and was excited to try it myself as well. There was also a OOB contest, so that was also one of the reason to really try it. Below you will see the Out of Bound Photo Effect that I did long time ago!

Edit: May 2.2010

Recently again I was in a mood to create Out of Bounds Effect and here are the couple of OOBs I created:


Anonymous said...

hello, is this first bridge at Giant's Causeway N.I. near Bushmill village?

wedding photography said...

I like the out of bound photo effect. It looks very artistic. The idea of making out of bound photo effect is brilliant. I will surely make this as an inspiration.

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