2 Free Photoshop Brush Viewer Apps

12 November 2009

Photoshop brushes are awesome you can make your own custom brushes and there are lots of cool free brushes available on web, in fact too many to install them all just to see what they look like! So, if you ever wanted to view your Photoshop .abr file (Brush set) without having to open the Photoshop and installing them read on to find 2 nifty opensource free apps which allows you to do just that!

You can have the preview of a set without having to install it, without having to run photoshop! You can even adjust thumbnails size and you can have the preview of the actual size of the brush… you can also try it out!
This software is able to generate images for every single brush and can also generate the general image from the panel of the thumbnails you have visualised.

All you have to do is download the utility, run it, and double click on the brush set you want to preview. (If it's in a non-standard place, you may also need to tell the utility to look in that folder)

You can adjust the preview sizes, or if you want to see the full size images on their own, just look in the "ABRViewImages" folder next to the program and you'll find all the brush images.

Not only that, but the program automatically produces set images, so if you create brushes you can produce a brush set profile image at the click of a button!

Personally, I use the first one, ABRviewer, but I think both of them are neat tools, just like how you can view the fonts! So try it, if you are not already using it, or if you are using or know about any other app, feel free to share with us!

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