Creating a Photo-Realistic Line Drawing in Photoshop

01 May 2009

Have you wondered how to create photo-realistic line drawing, here was a nice tutorial I found over at dekeOnline, Creating a Photo-Realistic Line Drawing, the tutorial is divided in 2 parts and the end results seems quite attractive.

Although the site requires you to sign in (of course it is free) to read the tutorial,  the tutorial shows you some good techniques which you might have overlooked plus Dekeonline has some more nice articles and tutorials on Photoshop so I  guess registering is worth it.

And, for a change, I tried my hands on the above mentioned tutorial [something like leading by example ;-)], in the image below you can see my results (I named it Killer Instinct....creative huh?!!). Since, I was not intending to print it, I took some liberties and tweaked some of the steps depending on a reference image, which I had downloaded long time ago and always wanted to make something out of it, the above tutorial seemed quite apt for that image. Don't know, if I did good but it was a experimental piece on one of last Sundays, but I definitely learned a couple of good tricks, especially using the Underlying Layer Sliders in Layer Style dialogue box to taper the properties of photograph.

My Experiment: Killer Instinct

Anyways, I also searched for more such tutorials and my quick search showed the couple of tutorials, that also looks good but the technique is different and the end results are also very different, may you like to follow:
Turn Photos of People into Line Art

Photo to Line Drawing

So, that's about it, not much but something to keep you busy if you like! :)


Salwa said...

Awesome tutorial. Just checked it out. I did something like this once but used different techniques used in the tutorial. Nice to learn different methods but in the end you both achieve same results.

dezign Musings said...

Cool! :) Yeah, that's the fab part there are more ways of doing things in Photoshop or for that matter any other design apps and its good to know how the method and techniques differ. It also helps in finding out most optimal way or technique.

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