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22 December 2006

When I first started with Adobe Illustrator, I found it a little tough programme to understand, & that is to say, at that point of time I was already a intermediate everyday user of photoshop!!! So, the best thing I do in that situation is to resort to a book, yes, mostly I prefer to learn things from books, atleast to initially get myself started.....& the best things about books is you can always go back & refer to them, in case you need a ans. to anything related to your programmes!!!

And, the book that came to my rescue was Real World Illustrator CS2, by Mordy Golding. I really learnt a lot from that book. The book is not about showing or teaching you the tips or tricks by which you could make the graphics to wow others, but rather, its the book that focuses on making you understand each & every aspects of all the tools, menu items, palettes & how you can optimize your performance alongwith gaining control over the programme. It is a definitive reference for the serious Illustrator user!

Apart from the above the other best thing is that, the author Mordy Golding has a blog too, which is a 'must read' for me gotta read the blog to know what I am meaning to say, check it out!!! :D


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